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Locally-grown sod installed in Augusta, Gardiner, and nearby Maine cities.

Sod will quickly establish itself, making it a great choice if you need a new lawn.

Stacks of sod ready for installation in Gardiner, ME.

When you lose your lawn to disease or just need new grass for an area, there are several options to create a new lawn. Some options will take more time to yield a fully green lawn, but if you need grass to quickly establish itself on your property, then sod installation is the way to go.

At Wingate Landscape, we install quality, locally-grown sod at residential and commercial properties throughout Gardiner, Waterville, Augusta, and nearby areas of Maine.

The Many Benefits of Professional Sod Installation

From aesthetic to functional, sod installation has many benefits, especially when it is installed by lawn care professionals. Some of these benefits include:

  • Sod provides an instant solution. If you need an instant green lawn, then sod is your best choice. We only use the best quality sod that is offered in our local area of Maine so that you will have a beautiful, healthy lawn.
  • Your new lawn will have a uniform look. Sometimes, lawns will look different throughout the area due to different types of seeds being used over the years. With sod, that is not a concern.
  • Sod will help prevent soil erosion. When you use seeds, it takes a longer time for the grass to grow. During that time, your soil is at risk of erosion. With sod, you have an instant layer of grass that keeps the soil in its place.
  • Using a professional sod installer saves you time. If you try to install sod on your own, it can take you a long time. A professional sod installer has done this task many times and knows the proper, efficient way to put sod down. Along with saved time, you also have peace of mind knowing that the product you paid for is being installed by a knowledgeable lawn care expert.

We can install different types of cool-season grasses, but the most popular sod we use is a blend of fescue and Kentucky bluegrass.

Recommended Maintenance for Recently Installed Sod

Irrigation system watering new sod installation in Waterville, ME.

Once your sod has been installed, we recommend that you water it on a routine basis to help the roots grow more deeply into the underlying soil. Additionally, it is best to stay off the sod for the first few weeks as it needs time to establish itself on your property. Depending on the condition of your soil, it may also be good to have the new sod fertilized after it is installed so it has some nutrients to use as it continues to grow.

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