Retaining & Seating Walls In Gardiner, Augusta, Waterville, & Kennebec County, ME Areas

We create functional and decorative retaining walls, as well as seating walls, to help prevent erosion, elevate a planter bed, or add seating to your outdoor space.

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Retaining and seating walls for businesses and homes in Kennebec County, ME.

Level out an area of your property, add depth to a landscape bed, or increase seating around your patio.

Retaining walls and seating walls can help to level areas of your property, add elevated areas of your landscape bed to create depth in the design, or serve as extra seating around your patio or fire pit.

We install and design high-quality functional and decorative retaining walls, as well as seating walls, for businesses and homes around Kennebec County, ME areas such as Gardiner, Augusta, Waterville, and more.

Materials Used to Build Retaining & Seating Walls

When we build retaining and seating walls, we use high-quality, durable materials that come in a variety of colors and beautifully complement the outside of your business or home. Most of our products come from Maine-made Gagne & Son Concrete Products, Techo-Bloc, or Genest Concrete. Materials we use include concrete block, natural stone, and masonry paving stones. Our team will present you with a full catalog of materials that you can choose from.

Benefits of Functional & Decorative Retaining Walls

Large functional retaining wall installed to help with erosion issues at a property in %%targetarea1%, ME.

Retaining walls have many benefits, both in the functional and decorative sense. For functional retaining walls, we can construct walls that are 5 feet in height and below. Some benefits of retaining walls include:

  • They create decorative raised planter beds. We can add a small retaining wall within planter beds to elevate certain plants, giving your landscaping some depth.
  • Retaining walls help prevent erosion. If you have an area on your property where soil tends to wash away in rain or snowmelt, then leveling out the area with a retaining wall can work to prevent that soil from eroding.
  • A retaining wall also helps address drainage issues. If there's an area on your property that sees puddling or flooding, it may be possible to grade that area and then use a retaining wall to redirect the flow of water on your property.

Seating Walls Add Natural Stone Seating Around Your Patio or Fire Pit

A custom seating wall can be added to your outdoor living space, usually around elements such as a patio or fire pit. These increase natural seating in your area and can help reduce clutter on your patio, as they often eliminate the need for extra patio chairs. These walls are also designed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your space, creating a cohesive feel throughout your landscaped area.

Stone Steps Help Make it Easier to Navigate Your Property

Stone steps built at the entrance at a home in Augusta.

If you have a hilly or sloped property, consider adding in some custom stone steps. These make it easier to navigate your property. We build stone steps from antique or finished granite as well as concrete block.

We also provide maintenance, cleaning, and sealing of our hardscapes every 3-5 years depending on the materials used.

Contact Wingate Landscape if your residential or commercial property needs retaining walls or seating walls.

We provide retaining and seating walls to residential and commercial properties in Kennebec County, including Gardiner, Augusta, Waterville, and surrounding cities of central Maine. If you're in need of a retaining wall, seating wall, or stone steps, then contact us at (207) 588-6146 Call or Text or fill out our contact form online!

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