Landscaping Services In Gardiner, Augusta, Waterville, & Kennebec County, ME Areas

We design and install custom landscape beds for residential and commercial properties throughout Kennebec County, ME.

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Landscaping renovation and installation for homes and businesses in Gardiner, ME and nearby cities.

We use native plants proven to do well in our region of southern and central Maine.

Adding custom landscape beds to your home or business in southern and central Maine can provide aesthetic benefits as well as financial ones. It adds to your curb appeal, but it also can potentially boost the value of your property. It also helps you make a great first impression on those visiting your property, as it shows them you care about how your yard looks.

We renovate existing landscape beds and install new landscaping for homes and businesses, using native plants proven to thrive in our region, in Gardiner, Augusta, Waterville, and other cities within Kennebec County.

Common Plants We Use in Our Landscaping Projects

A landscaping project we designed with common plants in our area and have laid out  ready for planting,

In our new landscape installations as well as renovations, we try to use native plants as much as we can. By doing this, we create an eco-friendly landscape that doesn't sap up as many resources as one with non-native plants would. In our area, we get a lot of bitterly cold winter weather and plants that aren't native to our zone can end up easily dying, even with extensive maintenance.

Types of plants we commonly use in our projects include:

  • Japanese maples
  • Red maples
  • Sugar maples
  • Norwood spruce
  • Boston fir
  • Oak
  • Japanese tree lilac
  • Boxwoods
  • Rhododendrons
  • Junipers
  • Dappled willows
  • Beachgrass
  • Seagrass
  • Daylilies
  • And more!

We can also weed landscaping beds by spraying and pulling the weeds for an additional fee.

Installing Mulch & Rock Benefits Your Landscape Beds in Many Ways

We installed new landscaping then finished the project off with black mulch at a home in Augusta, ME.

Besides the overall aesthetic appeal of mulch and rock ground cover, there are also many other benefits of installing ground cover in your landscaping bed renovations and installations. Mulch works to keep your soil insulated and protected from extreme temperature changes, which is especially beneficial when we're transitioning from winter to spring. If spring weather starts, but then we get hit with the last frost of the season, properly installed mulch will keep your plant roots protected from that temperature shift.

Other benefits of mulch and rock ground cover include:

  • Prevention of soil erosion: When a layer of mulch or rock is put down, it protects the soil from eroding away during snowmelt or rain. Considering the time and money spent on preparing that soil with fertilization, weed control, and more, it's a great benefit and investment in making sure your landscape beds are protected.
  • Blockage of weed growth: Mulch can help block weed growth, as it is thick enough to stop nutrients such as air, light, and water to get through to the weed roots.

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