Local Landscaping & Lawn Care Services in Brunswick, ME

Our company offers expert lawn care, landscaping installation, outdoor living space design, and more to Brunswick, ME properties.

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Expert landscaping and lawn care services in Brunswick, ME, and the surrounding cities.

We design and install landscaping as well as full outdoor living spaces.

Brunswick is the largest town in Maine and is an area hub for culture and artistry. Home to Bowdoin College, many famous people throughout the years chose to make Brunswick their home such as Harriet Beecher Stowe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and former president Franklin Pierce.

We're proud to service a town that provides so many artistic and cultural resources. Keeping Brunswick residential and commercial properties beautiful is our specialty. We provide expert lawn care, landscaping, and full outdoor living space design and installation throughout Brunswick and the surrounding cities.

Lawn mowing, fertilization, and other services help your lawn stay healthy.

Ticks burrowed into a pet's fur in Brunswick, ME.

We offer a variety of services for lawns in the Brunswick area to keep them looking green and healthy throughout the growing season. If you're concerned about chemical usage on your property, don't worry. We offer a BeeSafe certified program for both our fertilizer and tick, flea, and mosquito control programs. These products are organic and are also pollinator-friendly, meaning your lawn is safe for all. If you need a new lawn, we can provide hydroseeding services. We also offer aeration, overseeding, and topdressing.

We'll design and install full outdoor living spaces for your home or business.

Custom stone patio and fire pit installation in Brunswick, ME.

Whether you're looking for a small landscape bed installation or a full outdoor kitchen, we can help. Our teams design and install all the landscape features required to create a beautiful outdoor living space. No matter what we design for you, we will always create a design that adheres to principles such as focal points and symmetry.

Create a custom paver patio and walkway, or collaborate with our designers to add in a fire pit or fireplace that can be either gas-burning or wood-burning. If you're looking for a water feature, we can create fountains, bubblers, pondless waterfalls, and more. Our crews install functional and decorative retaining walls and seating walls made from durable materials. We also build complete outdoor kitchens that can include a sink, stove, oven, pizza oven, dishwasher, storage, and other features.

Our garden center located in Gardiner, ME, sells garden tools, bulk materials, plants, and more if you're considering landscaping on your own.

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For more than a decade, Wingate Landscape has provided landscaping and lawn care services to homes and businesses in Brunswick, ME. We also design and install full outdoor living spaces! If you're considering a new addition to the exterior of your property, then call our company today at (207) 588-6146 Call or Text!

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