Aeration, Overseeding,
& Topdressing In Gardiner, Augusta, Waterville, & Kennebec County, ME Areas

With aeration, overseeding, and topdressing treatments, we can help create healthy, happy soil for your grass so it will grow green, lush, and thick.

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Aeration, overseeding, and topdressing for homes and businesses in Gardiner, ME.

Add new life to your lawn and soil with lawn care treatments that nourish your lawn and allow the grass to breathe.

To have a healthy lawn, you also need healthy soil. Soil can become compacted with heavy foot traffic throughout the growing season or can lose key nutrients to erosion and other issues. Lawn care treatments can help nourish your lawn and soil and allow the grass to breathe.

To revitalize your soil, we provide aeration and topdressing treatments and to rejuvenate your lawn, we offer overseeding, slice seeding, and sod installation for homes and businesses in Gardiner, Augusta, Waterville, and nearby cities in Maine.

Spring & Fall Aeration Loosens Soil so Grass Roots Can Access Nutrients

Close up photo of our lawn aeration machine aerating a customers lawn in Gardiner, ME.

Generally, core aeration should be done once a year in either spring or fall to loosen compacted soil. Soil can be compacted due to heavy foot traffic, machinery driving over it, or other reasons. When the soil is hardened, it becomes more difficult for grass roots to access air, sunlight, and water, which are key components of the photosynthesis process. To loosen soil, we pass a core aerating machine over your property, poking tiny holes into the soil so it loosens.

Along with aeration, we can also provide dethatching services to remove any thatch buildup on your lawn.

Topdressing Treatment Delivers Organic Nutrients Directly to Your Soil

A topdressing treatment involves laying down about 1/4" of organic matter over your grass. It's generally recommended to top dress a lawn after aeration and dethatching have occurred so the organic matter can reach deeper into the soil. This material usually comes from decomposing compost materials that are rich in nutrients. Topdressing is beneficial for any property, from athletic fields all the way to small residential lawns. It helps the grass grow stronger to reach optimal health conditions, functions as an additional weed barrier, and keeps moisture in the soil.

Overseeding & Slice Seeding Encourage New Grass Growth

Close up of the grass after we have slice seeded the property to promote new grass to grow.

Along with aeration, we provide overseeding services and slice seeding. Putting down additional grass seed, or overseeding, at this time allows some of the seeds to sink further into the soil and establish a stronger root system. Once the growing season arrives, you'll see a thicker, fuller lawn. We use a blend of bluegrass and fescue seeds.

Slice seeding involves using a slice seeder to insert furrows into the lawn and then drop seeds into that spot. By doing this, the seeds are directly inserted into the soil instead of on top of the existing grass. This service may be a bit more costly than overseeding, but you may see a higher rate of germination with slice seeding.

Locally-Grown Sod Brings New Life to a Lawn

If you need a new lawn quickly, then locally-grown sod may be the best choice. It does cost more, but it will give you a new lawn instantly. With proper care, you can use the new lawn within a few weeks. We can install different types of sod, but our most popular is a bluegrass/fescue blend that is grown here in Maine.

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